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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Berlin, Germany · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About the Role:

As a Senior Software Engineer at Ledgy, your mission is to write beautiful code, design an elegant data-processing architecture, and collaborate with others to build a platform that is secure and unbreakable.

At Ledgy, you will

  • Join our product development team as a full-stack web engineer alongside 18 developers, 3 product managers, 3 designers, Head of Product, Head of Eng, and CTO as a full-stack web engineer
  • Design a robust architecture to move fast and occasionally break things 🌳
  • Exchange code reviews with our experienced software developers
  • Enjoy the delights of analytical tasks and logical reasoning 🖖
  • Boldly guide our team to where no web engineering department has gone before 👩‍🚀
  • Experience a new paradigm of web development that blurs the boundaries between back-end and front-end engineering 🌌

The job is a good fit if you enjoy

  • Sharing your experience and help with the growth of the next generation of full-stack web engineers 👩‍🏫
  • Mentoring experienced web engineers in TypeScript, CSS, React ⚛️
  • Scaling a large web application written in Meteor, NodeJS, and MongoDB 🎹
  • Having regular brainstorming sessions and improve the code organization 🧠
  • Setting up build processes using Babel, Webpack, and GitHub Actions ⚙️
  • Designing a robust infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform 🚉
  • Applying functional programming paradigms in web engineering ⛓
  • Naming even complicated variables the right way 👨🏻‍🌾

Please note: within CH, DE, and UK we hire via our own entity, whilst outside of these countries we are able to offer employment opportunities via a global payroll service provider. Currently, we’re not able to accommodate freelancing agreement contracts.